B Connect a new Internet Service provider in Wah Cantt

B Connect a new Internet Service provider in Wah Cantt
B-Connect Wah Cantt ISP

As Wah Cantt resident are suffering from low speed internet and speed of PTCL in most of areas sucks, so users are always searching for a better alternative, unfortunately the resident of wah cantt can not get a real ISP like Nayatel, Fiberstorm etc as they are giving their users a super fast speed on very low/reasonable rates.

In Wah Cantt however we got some good alternatives in short span of time, Good is a word we can use for any ISP replacing PTCL, however good does not mean an ISP like Nayatel or Fiberstorm. In our previous post we reviewed Motive Net, a small ISP replacing PTCL connections at a good pace, however their monopoly in providing a good service was just challenged by a new service provider B-Connect.

Two Days ago we hear about a new service provider in Wah cantt, B-Connect , Main Office is located near New City Phase 2, Wah Cantt. In a quest of getting good services and for a good backup plan I tried to get information from their customer service department, Currently they are providing more than  what a good ISP can offer in its inception.

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They have 2MB , 4MB, 6MB and more packages for home users, They have corporate packages also at higher prices. From customer service support and their website I was able to get rates of their packages.

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Home users packages:

2 MB & 1990 Rs

4MB @ 2599 Rs

for corporate

1 MB @ 5000 Rs.

What is downloading speed of B-Connect?

As far as downloading speed is concerned , most of the people wants a good speed. Now i have some confusion here, I called them twice, and on Saturday I got following information:

Downloading speed of 2 MB package will be around 250 KB, Downloading speed of 4MB package was not provided however on inquire and upon my question that will it be double of 2MB package? answer was ” Due to technical nature its not true that it will be doubled however it will be good as compared to 2MB”.

Further they added that they have a very strong backbone based on Optical Fiber. And they will provide what they will commit due to their infrastructure and high grade equipments. Also they offer me that I can start using their services with initial fee of Rs 4000, which includes there first month 2 Mb package charges.

As i was not able to get enough information on Saturday so I called them on Monday (05-11-2018) to get more info. Following information was obtained on this call from B-Connect representative:-

  1. They are not giving every one a connection, They choose their customers however criteria was not mentioned/explained.
  2. Downloading speed will be given as per international Bandwidth standards, what is that? let us explain this.Connection speed is always represented in bit (small b) while download speed is represented in Bytes (Capital B). If we want a relationship in these two check below mentioned calculation:1 Megabyte (MB) = 8 Megabit (Mb)
    1 Megabyte (MB) = 1024 Kilobyte (KB)
    8 Megabit (Mb) = 1024 Kilobyte (KB)Therefore, 1 Megabit (Mb) = [1024/8 =] 128 Kilobyte (KB)

    So, in a 1 Mbps connection, the maximum speed of downloading would be 128 KBps. Now we can use same formula to calculate the downloading speed of 2Mb connection which would be [2048/8] = 256KB/second. So it means a user will get 256 KB/sec speed as per international rule.

  3. However on downloading speed of 4Mb connection , customer service did not mention speed and focused on the word as per international bandwidth standards. So as per above calculation it should be doubled, however we are not able to write more on this as we don’t have enough info, and we were not given proper info from the company. We can request b-connect customers to share with us the downloading speed they are getting to sort this point.

And Yes, B-Connect wah Cantt has a website which is www.b-connect.com.pk , As per initial review package prices are not updated and their page is showing Rs. 2299/Month Rs for 2Mb package and Rs. 3299/Month  for 4Mb package however request page shows the above mentioned rates which we are able to obtain on phone call. Also the website is still not complete as Contact Form on the home page is not working and also Phone number on the top of page was wrong. However on the bottom of page we were able to find a working phone number +92 514 904 132. You can call them to get an idea about coverage area or rates.

As on the second call I was told that I should be a chosen one to use their services :-), And they will get back to me once they have the capacity to entertain more users in my area, (as they were saying that thy have some customers in my area).  I will update this article about my practical experience once I got a connection from them.

Our Opinion:-

The main disadvantage of living in small city is that you have to pay high to get a good internet connection , As we are only 35 KM away from Islamabad where Nayatel is giving 15Mb internet in just 2400 Rs, we are forced to get 4Mb connection in the same price. However reason of why we have to chose expensive internet is PTCL. PTCL is providing worst services to consumers in Wah Cantt. Every service in replace of PTCL get customer’s attention by only word of mouth, As most of the time they get enough customers, without having a dedicated Customer service department, Without giving 24/7 telephonic support they can still generate a handsome revenue, So with time or due to positive/overwhelming response from customer no one tried to compete Nayatel or Fiber-storm type companies. As long as these good ISPs are not coming to Wah Cantt and competition is only PTCL, we have to pay high for low speed internet.

But at-least now we have the option to choose relatively good internet connection to be used in our homes.

We encourage B-Connect users to give us their opinion by using the below mentioned comment form.

Note:- This article is written for awareness/informational purpose only. Mobilepoint is not associated with above mentioned entity in any manner.

Check these Mobiles:

Ram: 3 GB
Camera: 12 MP, (wide), PDAF, OIS
CPU: Hexa core 2x2.65 GHz Lightning + 4x1.8 GHz Thunder
Battery: 1821 mAh
Ram: 8 GB
Camera: 64 MP, f/1.8, (wide), PDAF
8 MP, f/2.4, (telephoto), PDAF, 3x optical zoom
12 MP, f/2.2, 113?, (ultrawide), dual pixel PDAF
CPU: Octa core 1x3.1 GHz Kryo 585 & 3x2.42 GHz Kryo 585 & 4x1.80 GHz Kryo 585
Battery: 5000 mAh
Ram: 8 GB
Camera: 12 MP, f/1.8, (wide), Dual Pixel PDAF, OIS
64 MP, f/2.0, (telephoto), PDAF, OIS, 1.1x optical zoom, 3x hybrid zoom
12 MP, f/2.2, (ultrawide), Super Steady video
CPU: Octa core 2x2.73 GHz Mongoose M5<br>2x2.50 GHz Cortex-A76<br>4x2.0 GHz Cortex-A55
Battery: 4000 mAh


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