Quick and Easy Way to convert torrents to direct links

Quick and Easy Way to convert torrents to direct links


We all uses torrents in our daily life for multiple reasons; either we want to download a movie, software or big files, torrent is our life saver for all these.
However, what if we can use torrents in the same way we can use direct links? What is good in direct links? The speed which we get while downloading a file using direct links.

You can also use mobile , this method works very well on any device.

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How it works?

You will know shortly about the method but what actually happened is that torrents first downloaded to server of website (which we use) after that website will give you a unique link to download files from there server, So it means we must have an online server to convert torrent into direct link, Luckily we have many websites offering the same service but we will use Seedr , as a best available option. CLick here to write a full review about Seedr.

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How to convert torrents to direct links using Seedr?

Well you have to follow the steps mentioned below, in start it will look like too many steps however once you get used to it, you will be thanking us for this efficient way of downloading things.

    1. Visit https://www.seedr.cc/ and create an account. You can use Facebook also to login.
    2. After registration, Kindly sign in to seedr, you will be seen your dashboard which will be like below given image.
Seedr Dashboard
Seedr Dashboard
    1. Now you have to download magnet link of torrent you wish to download. Magnet link will be like this:
    2. In the dashboard you have text box saying paste link here, just paste your magnet link there, alternatively you can upload torrent files or torrent links also. Click on + sign after pasting link.
    3. Seedr will fetch the file for you. If the torrent has good seeders or torrent was already fetched by seeder, this step would not take longer, however if your torrent has seeders with low speed it will take time for Seedr to download torrent. See below mentioned figure:
Seedr Downloading 1
Seedr Downloading 1
  1. After completion of download, seedr will move file to your dashboard. It will look like below given image:
    Seedr Downloading End
    Seedr Downloading End

    Steps to Download:
    a: Right click on folder name and you will get list of all files present in torrent
    b: Select your desired file and right click on it
    c: You will get list of options, click on Download link and your download will start rite away. You can use Chrome, Firefox, Internet Download Manager or any other browser or download manager to download your desired file.
    If you wish to download the whole folder just go back, select folder, right click on folder name and select Download.

Is Seedr Extension available for Browser:

Seedr has plugins for famous browsers, For Chrome and Firefox links are given below, after adding plugin to browser you have to login to Seedr, Seedr extension will show you as logged in just like below image:

After that When you want to add torrent to your seedr account you have to just right click on the link and have to select Add to Seedr, Seedr will take care of things now and you will get your files ready at your dashboard if all goes well.

Add to Seedr Option
Add to Seedr Option



We hope that we made it easy for you to turn torrent into direct downloadable files. We will try to add easy and informative tutorials for you, don’t forget to subscribe us by liking our Facebook page, you can allow notifications in your browser to get alerts. Also share this tutorial with your friends and family if you want them to be smart while downloading stuff using torrent.





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