Motive Internet Wah Cantt

Motive Internet Wah Cantt
Motive Internet Wah Cantt

Motive Internet Wah Cantt New Service Provider

I came to know about a new service provider Motive internet Wah Cantt. As a regular internet user, I was in search of a reliable internet service provider.



There service is still in testing/Beta phase, i am facing connectivity issues , no connectivity for 12 to 20 hours, and low internet speed when its get connected, At this stage users should wait for their official statement regarding start of their operations.

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As I get a connection from them so i can tell you the procedure:

  1. Call them and they will visit your home with devices for installation.
  2. You must have 25 feet long Bamboo on which you will fix your Antenna. (Antenna connect user to their servers with wireless technology).
  3. They will provide you with 25 Feet wire from antenna to your router.
  4. Charges:
    Installation charges are Rs 6,500 and following are included in these charges.
    1: Router
    2: Antenna (Must return when you decide to leave them)
    3: One-month Package of 2MBPS.
    4:25 feet long Wire

Confusion of users?
Uses of motive internet have some wrong info about them due to reason that no official source is available and they don’t have updated website (Website shows under construction image).
One of user told me that they are giving services of Nayatel however I did not get any reliable information to verify this claim.
Most of their users thinks this as Satellite internet which is also false.
Both of above statement was not given by officials of Motive Internet.
How they are providing services?
I was curious to know about how they are providing services as I was informed that they are providing satellite internet however after getting connection I was able to identify how they are providing services. Following is the method as per my research.
They provide litebeam m5 as antenna. Litebeam is used to detect WIFI networks.
Motive Internet created a WIFI network and using advanced infrastructure propagating their signals using boosters, Motive internet team align the antenna in the direction of their boosters to get a good speed and use password to connect with booster the same way we connect to any WIFI network by entering password.
Motive internet provides each user with username and password, Router with PPOE support will be able to connect to network by given username and password.
Motive internet is using PTCL connections (as per my observation) and are operating from area where PTCL have fiber cables so dis-connectivity and speed is relatively good there. By combining multiple connections using advanced routers and creating users on their servers, they are able to provide users a decent speed on economic prices.
We can understand this with example.

PTCL provide 10 MB package on which they gave user dedicated bandwidth speed on these connections are more than 2 to 4 MB/ second on optical fibers. The price of this package is Rs 2,499 with tax it will be Rs 3200 maximum. Now dividing this speed with users and giving them a fair speed of 200Kb/second is possible due to their experience in this field, they are using networking techniques to make it possible. In this way they are not only providing services to users at low process but also able to create intranet which can be used to share file between users at high speed.

Above mentioned example is just for understanding purpose, As PTCL is the only operator behind every company in Pakistan so Motive internet can be their corporate customer and may getting internet from them on different rates and with different data limit.
How much user can download: –
We can consider the below mentioned table to identify this.

Speed Kb /secondSeconds in dayMaximum download in one day (KB)in MBin GBSFor full monthsleeping time =12 hoursCan download as per real scenario = 40%
F =
D * 30
G=F/2H=G* .45
20086,40017,280,00016,87516.48494247.1998.88 GB

Based on the above table user can download around 98.88 GB of data with speed of 200KB if he spent 40% of his time when user is awake, most of users did not give this much time to downloading and speed is not constant at 200 KB so in real user will be able to use 50 to 70 GB for Rs 1200.

Based on the above information you want to subscribe with them or not? We are leaving it to you.However if you are interested to know about my experience with them you can click here to get more info.

You can call Humair at 0312 722 00 29.

Following is he information extracted from PTA website about them:
Motive Interactive (Pvt.)Ltd.
Mr. Naeem Shah,CEO,
Mr Shahid Iqbal, COO
New Address: – Office # 1-2, 1st Floor, Malik Riasat plaza, Taxila Xhowk, Taxila.
Old Address: -Office No.3, 3rd Floor, Lucid Tower, Paris Road, Sialkot
Phone Numbers:
Service Type: Data CVAS Nationwide
Internet and Mobile Audio (Content Provision)
Commencement Date: 15-Aug-17
Email address:,



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