Xiomi Starts Billboard War with OnePlus

Xiomi Starts Billboard War with OnePlus
Xiomi Billboard War with OnePlus Featured

Xiomi Redmi K20 vs OnePlus 7:

Xiomi announces its flagship recently which is Xiomi Redmi K20, as it powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 chipset, and Ximoi is calling it Flagship Killer, this term sounds familiar?? This is the exact term OnePlus is using since their inception, as Oneplus phones are getting expensive with the launch of every new phone, and OnePlus is way off from their real mission of providing Killer Flagships at reasonable rates. Xiomi is taunting Oneplus since they start a campaign for Xiomi Redmi K20, and calling it a Flagship killer under 400$. The price is more than justified as it has the best available chipset same as OnePlus is using for OnePlus 7, besides this it has Pop Up camera, (Xiomi is not coming slow and in competition with Vivo also), also their phone have notch-less display, its cool to have more and more notch-less phones as why we need notch anyways?

Now by taking a step forward, Xiomi is taking the War of mobile phones to the next level, they started the Billboard War with OnePlus. As many of you are already familiar that OnePlus has a new Flagship to offer OnePlus 7 and they have Robert Downey Jr. aka Tony Stark aka Iron Man as their new international spokesperson.  Oneplus is heavily investing in the advertisement campaign featuring Robert Downey Jr. on the billboard across the globe, however, in India Xiomi is placing their advertisement just beside these billboards and directly hitting on OnePlus.

Sponsered Ad:

Xiomi Redmi K20 Billboard Advertisement:

Here is the wording we can see on such billboards, see the below image:

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Xiomi Billboard War with OnePlus Tweet 1Xiomi Billboard War with OnePlus Tweet 1As we can see that Xiomi is using the Following phrase:

Starkly superior to the latest One, Redmi K20 The Flagship Killer

They are attacking each and every stance of Oneplus using these 10 words, they are using Stark to show their superiority, they are using the word One which directly hits at OnePlus, the font of One is same as the OnePlus is using in its logo. And last but not least they are writing K20 and Flagship Killer in red and white which is the favorite color of brand OnePlus.

Xiomi Redmi K20 Tweeter Stance:

Xiomi is enjoying the situation as these images had been tweeted by Manu Kumar Jain Global Vice President of Xiomi and give these ads a name of punny ads! here is his tweet about these billboards:

He is encouraging users to take a selfie with such billboards and share them with him.

Xiomi Redmi K20 and OnePlus 7 Battle Reason:

As OnePlus is launching its new flagship to the Indian market also and Xiomi is the No 1 selling brand of smartphone in India from last 7 consecutive quarter and holds 30.6% shares in the market, which means if 3 smartphones are sold in India one should be a Xiomi phone. To show their supremacy and their Indian fan base Xiomi is focusing on disturbing the sale of OnePlus 7 by launching its own flagship Xiomi Redmi K20 , the final date has not been shared with general public but rumors are there that it will be launch as soon as after the launch of OnePlus 7 to give OnePlus a tough competition.

Xiomi Redmi K20 Or OnePlus 7?

Are you waiting for OnePlus 7 or Xiomi Redmi K20 in Pakistan? Do you want OnePlus to launch its phones in Pakistan officially or you want Xiomi to launch this Killer Flagship in Pakistan on the same date with India? Do let us know your thoughts by using the comment section below as this is the blog for common users by the common user.

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