Project Linda: Razer @ CES 2018

Project Linda: Razer @ CES 2018

Probably one of the best concepts presented by a company at CES 2018 was Razer’s Project Linda.First of all if you don’t know about Razer so for your information it is a company that is known for its powerful top notch gaming laptops.Razer recently bought Nextbit Robin (A smartphone brand) and entered into smartphone industry.The review for Razer phone will be coming later.


Now coming back to the topic,Project Linda implements a concept that has been done by all major mobile brands along the years and that is transforming your smartphone into a full fledged PC.It has been done by HTC in their windows phone where it requires a dock for it to work. Samasung did the same with the Samsung Dex.Huawei resorted to an easy way where you just plug a cable and your mobile screen transforms into track pad.But most powerful,eye catching,portable and yet affordable solution is the one that Razer implemented in their Project Linda.Here your phone transforms not into a PC but a Laptop.It does not end there this Project has few tricks up its sleeves which we are going to discussed below.

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As far as hardware is concerned the Lapdock (Yeah that is a plausible term) uses Razer phone as its powerhouse so it does not have much of internals.It comes with same aesthetics as a Razer Stealth Laptops.It supports a 13.3 inches Quad HD(Allegedly) resolution display.Display also supports 120 GHz frame rate that is to match that of Razer phone(this is highest frame rate on a phone). Furthur it has 53.6 Wh battery which is enough to charge Razer phone four times over.It also has a USB A port which is missing in expensive laptops we use now a day.A headphone Jack is also present that was exempted in Razer phone so a welcome addition Razer.It also has a 200GB internal along with 128GB found on Razer phone so you can transfer or save some of your files over in the laptop.As far as keyboard is concerned it is back lit so you can see at night also.

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Razer Phone:The Power House

Up to this point you should have been wandering that I did not mention anything about the track pad of the laptop so hold your horse that’s where the mighty Razer Phone comes in.On the Lapdock the Razer Phone sits right in the place where your track pad should be.Once you place it into the cavity you have to push a docking button to complete the transition then you hear a mechanical sound of USB-C going into USB-C port of Razer Phone and believe me that sound is a treat to hear.Right from this point Razer Phone acts as your track pad and start powering your laptop and you are good to go.


Talking about the speakers in the laptop well there are none……….Hold on……But there speakers on Razer Phone not one but two and not a simple kind .They are full fledged stereo speakers on top and bottom of the front of the phone with their own built in amplifiers that fire right at you once the phone is docked and believe me they are gonna sound better than your traditional laptops.

Fingerprint Sensor

As we know,now a days our laptops come with fingerprint sensors built right into the power button or on the side of laptop separately but this laptop does not have that.But that’s where they have implemented a great technique.As Razer Phone has fingerprint sensor at the side of phone in the power button so they made design of lapdock to make that sensor when you dock the phone the sensor is exposed right in front of you and you are secure as ever.

Dual Display

A nice addition is an option to use the display of Razer Phone while it acts as the track pad.So you can see more and do more.Razer phone is optimized also to show some custom interfaces while it is docked so its 5.7 inches large display is put to some work while it is sitting idle acting as a track pad.


You can also connect a Bluetooth mouse for your convenience with lapdock so that you can use your Phone as an individual display not as a track pad.


If you are thinking that how powerful a phone can be to support a full fledged Laptop? Then believe me you don’t have to worry about it.Razer Phone with snapdragon 835 along with 8GB  of RAM is just enough to full fill all your need easily and timely.It can handle any heavy game that you throw at it because of its top notch specs.

Best Solution?

If you want to know is it the best solution yet than the answer is a 70% yes.Yes it is the most portable,most affordable,most beautiful implementation yet.Yes it can be used for checking your emails on the go.Yes it can be used for normal surfing and YouTube streaming. But No it is not the most powerful one taking into consideration the heavy  tasks like video editing.


It is not a finished product as of now but seeing the amount of work and thought Razer has put into this prototype I think they are going to make it a reality unlike other Razer concepts that are presented at CES every year.At least I am hopeful.Coming to price department that has not been announced yet but you should be looking at 200$ or above.

That is all for this one.See you in the next one.

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Battery: 4500 mAh


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