Bluetooth 5.0 : Detailed Review

Bluetooth 5.0 : Detailed Review

Yup we are here talking about our very own Bluetooth.Its been decades since we have been using Bluetooth.It even got its way to cheap feature phone giving them a little bit of functionality which most of them lack.In 2017 we were still using Bluetooth having slow connection speeds,low ranges,and low data transferring speeds.But this was the case until Bluetooth 5.0 debuted in samsung’s last year flagship the Galaxy S8.What Bluetooth 5.0 brings to the table is kind of mind blowing.And we are here to find out what Bluetooth 5.0 has in the box for us???

History of version 4.0

There are mainly four features of Bluetooth 5.0 in which it just smashes its predecessors the version 4.0 to version 4.2.Version 4.0 was very slow during the connection.It did not have very good transfer speed.Talking about the range that’s where it gets the worst.In the open it could cover only 50metres while in the house it had the range of only 10metres which means you have Bluetooth headphones on and you want to go upstairs to grab something with headphones on and next thing you know you are just the half way up and connection is already broken.But 5.0 is here to address all these issues while giving you a bonus that we will talk about later.

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Pairing and Transfer

We all use Bluetooth everyday and we have to connect to different devices whether it is a smartphone,a Bluetooth headphone or a Bluetooth speaker.And it is a bit time taking process.And we all are annoyed by it eventually. Next thing is transfer speed which is painfully slow and that’s where 5.0 comes in to the rescue.With 5.0 2 times faster pairing and similarly 2 times faster transfer speed is ensured. so you won’t suffer anymore.

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More Range

Bluetooth 5.0 promise 4 times more range than its predecessor does.Which means it will be able to cover 200metres in the line of sight While up to 40metres in an area containing obstructions.Believe that is pretty impressive range.SO you can do all your chores having headphones on while moving around the house and your phone charges probably in the basement…….

More Data

A severe issue with Bluetooth transfer was the restriction of small size of data.With this significant change in number comes a significant change in the amount of data that you can transfer.It can give you the capacity to transfer up to 8 times more data that is 800% more than usual so you won’t have to select the files again and again to send again and again………yeah not again.

More Devices

Bonus………yup you read just right……with 5.0 you will be able to connect to more than more than one devices at the same time.Considering you want to listen to music but the sound of one speaker is not enough and you happen to have an extra speakers so with 5.0 you can connect to both speakers and enjoy the music.Or you have a friend over one of you wants to listen out loud while other wants to enjoy it on Bluetooth headphones… can do that too.Last but not the least you want to send something to two of your friend at the same time then don’t worry 5.0 got you covered there too.

(P.S. 5.0….doesn’t it feel like a secret agent…..)So that’s all about 5.0.See you next time.

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