One Plus 5T
One Plus 5T

After a short interval of time one plus launches its another super phone “OnePlus 5T“. This was expected from the company to launch its 5T mobile, as company use same strategy back in 2016 when it launches One Plus 3T just after 5 months of launch of OnePlus 3, Management of OnePlus decided to not to change the shape of mobile but it focuses on better software management. You can compare OnePlus 5 and OnePlus 5T by clicking here.

OnePlus 5T features:

This phone has a screen of 6 inches and running on Octa core processor powered by Snapdragon 835. It has a 1080P display so you can enjoy HD videos, It has both 6 and 8 GB ram with internal storage of 64/128 GB, a draw back here is that it does not have expendable storage slot but in my opinion this is a plenty of storage and one can use it without needing additional service.

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OnePlus 5T Camera:

For the selfie lovers it has 16MP with HDR option so you can capture good selfies. Also its back camera is a dual camera which has 16MP and 20MP camera, so you can find it a good option if you are a photographer but main focus of OnePlus is on software management instead of photography features/camera.

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OnePlus 5T Audio jack:

OnePlus is not following Apple and Samsung and is not dumping its headphone jack so this option is still available in OnePlus 5T.

OnePlus 5T Battery:

The phone has a battery of 3300 mAH which once fully charged can work for one full day however OnePlus 5T is offering Fast charging in this cell so you can charge it fast in case of need.


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