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GBWhatsApp team Shuts Down the development of GBWhatsApp


GBWhatsApp Development Shuts Down

As we already know that Whatsapp Inc is constantly trying to move people who are using GbWhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus or other modded Whats-app versions to original Whats-App. WhatsApp inc is aggressively banning users who are using Any modded WhatsApp version in order to force them to use the original one.
In a surprising move on August 01, 2019 after releasing of their newest version 7.00 on July 17 the GB Whatsapp team was working on new version but shuts down the development on August 01, 2019, below is the Facebook status updated by the team of GBMods:-

GBWhatsApp Facebook Status

GBWhatsApp Update Notice

Users using GBWhatsapp latest version also getting update message from WhatsApp as whatsapp is urging them to upgrade their version to an updated one, warning looks like below added image:

GBWhatsApp Update Notice
GBWhatsApp Update Notice

GBWhatsApp team issues Warning

In another status update Team GBMods warn other users who are trying to develop GBWhatsApp that they should not use the name of Team GB Mods team members or Team GB Mods will the same with Whatsapp Inc.
In order to verify the shutdown we visited official website of Team GBMods which is and they actually deleted all of the content.
It is a sad announcement for GB lovers and a sign of relief for WhatsApp Inc as they are able to shutdown a major player.

Your Thoughts on GBWhatsApp Shutting Down??

What are your thoughts about this? Are you planning to use Original Whats-app or finding alternative????

Nayatel increases broadband packages rate

Nayatel increases broadband packages rate

As PTCL increases the prices of their packages in 2 months ago, and we were the first to inform you regarding the change in prices, Today i.e July, 16 2019, Nayatel also increases the prices of internet packages, the reason behind this surge is the declining value of Rupees, higher fuel ,rent and electricity prices.

In a statement which was sent to every customer by Nayatel, Nayatel explains the surge in following wordings:

In last few months, prices of Internet bandwidth linked with US $, fuel, rents, electricity, etc. and all other expenses have drastically increased. We are therefore constrained to pass on a minimum possible cost increase to our customers which is not more than 4% in most of packages.

For our user’s sake we are giving old and revised rates of all Nayatel packages effective from August 1, 2019.All Prices are in PAK rupees.

Package NameOld PriceNew PriceIncrease
Nayatel STARTER1,4991,54950
Nayatel ULTRA1,9992,06970
Nayatel MEGA3,0993,199100
Nayatel EXTREME 12/151,7991,85960
Nayatel EXTREME 152,3992,47980
Nayatel EXTREME 203,8994,029130
Nayatel SUPREME-I5,0995,269170
Nayatel SUPREME-II6,0996,299200
Nayatel 30Mbps Unlimited Bundle39944950
Nayatel 10 Mbps Unlimited Bundle20022525

Residents of Islamabad are already seeing increased bill as Excise duty which is 20% of the total bill became applicable from July 1, 2019.These increased rates will definitely affect the customer base of Nayatel.
Pakistani economy is facing difficulties from the start of PTI Government and situation is getting worst with every day passing. New rates will force Nayatel users to downgrade to lower speed package in order to restrict their budget for Internet in reasonable limit.
Are you affected with this change? How will you cope with this increased price scenario? Do let us know using comment section below.

Xiomi Starts Billboard War with OnePlus

Xiomi Redmi K20 vs OnePlus 7:

Xiomi announces its flagship recently which is Xiomi Redmi K20, as it powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 chipset, and Ximoi is calling it Flagship Killer, this term sounds familiar?? This is the exact term OnePlus is using since their inception, as Oneplus phones are getting expensive with the launch of every new phone, and OnePlus is way off from their real mission of providing Killer Flagships at reasonable rates. Xiomi is taunting Oneplus since they start a campaign for Xiomi Redmi K20, and calling it a Flagship killer under 400$. The price is more than justified as it has the best available chipset same as OnePlus is using for OnePlus 7, besides this it has Pop Up camera, (Xiomi is not coming slow and in competition with Vivo also), also their phone have notch-less display, its cool to have more and more notch-less phones as why we need notch anyways?

Now by taking a step forward, Xiomi is taking the War of mobile phones to the next level, they started the Billboard War with OnePlus. As many of you are already familiar that OnePlus has a new Flagship to offer OnePlus 7 and they have Robert Downey Jr. aka Tony Stark aka Iron Man as their new international spokesperson.  Oneplus is heavily investing in the advertisement campaign featuring Robert Downey Jr. on the billboard across the globe, however, in India Xiomi is placing their advertisement just beside these billboards and directly hitting on OnePlus.

Xiomi Redmi K20 Billboard Advertisement:

Here is the wording we can see on such billboards, see the below image:

Xiomi Billboard War with OnePlus Tweet 1Xiomi Billboard War with OnePlus Tweet 1As we can see that Xiomi is using the Following phrase:

Starkly superior to the latest One, Redmi K20 The Flagship Killer

They are attacking each and every stance of Oneplus using these 10 words, they are using Stark to show their superiority, they are using the word One which directly hits at OnePlus, the font of One is same as the OnePlus is using in its logo. And last but not least they are writing K20 and Flagship Killer in red and white which is the favorite color of brand OnePlus.

Xiomi Redmi K20 Tweeter Stance:

Xiomi is enjoying the situation as these images had been tweeted by Manu Kumar Jain Global Vice President of Xiomi and give these ads a name of punny ads! here is his tweet about these billboards:

He is encouraging users to take a selfie with such billboards and share them with him.

Xiomi Redmi K20 and OnePlus 7 Battle Reason:

As OnePlus is launching its new flagship to the Indian market also and Xiomi is the No 1 selling brand of smartphone in India from last 7 consecutive quarter and holds 30.6% shares in the market, which means if 3 smartphones are sold in India one should be a Xiomi phone. To show their supremacy and their Indian fan base Xiomi is focusing on disturbing the sale of OnePlus 7 by launching its own flagship Xiomi Redmi K20 , the final date has not been shared with general public but rumors are there that it will be launch as soon as after the launch of OnePlus 7 to give OnePlus a tough competition.

Xiomi Redmi K20 Or OnePlus 7?

Are you waiting for OnePlus 7 or Xiomi Redmi K20 in Pakistan? Do you want OnePlus to launch its phones in Pakistan officially or you want Xiomi to launch this Killer Flagship in Pakistan on the same date with India? Do let us know your thoughts by using the comment section below as this is the blog for common users by the common user.

PTCL increases broadband packages rates June 2019


Pakistan Telecommunication Ltd (PTCL) again increases the broadband packages rates, Customers starts receiving messages from PTCL about updated and increased rates with the info that new rates will be effective from June 1, 2019.

As PTCL is offering unlimited broadband packages at a reasonable prices and PTCL has the coverage in almost all cities of Pakistan, so a large number of customers will be affected by this price hike.
PTCL does not share prices of all Packages yet however all the customer using 4MB package received a message from PTCL that new package price will be 1750 Rs instead of 1700 Rs which PTCL was charging previously. As PTCL did not publish anything related to this on their website but we can guess that an increase of at least 50 rupees per package has been made by PTCL. Below table is showing the increased price which will be effective from June 01, 2019*.

Up to 4 MbpsUp to 8 MbpsUp to 15 MbpsUp to 25 MbpsUp to 50 MbpsUp to 100 Mbps

Benefits of Using PTCL unlimited broadband packages:

  • Truly unlimited downloads, No need to worry about downloading caps
  • Coverage in almost all cities of Pakistan
  • 24/7 Customer help line.
  • Billing department accessible via email for any adjustment in bill.
  • Largest fiber network in Pakistan
  • Free smart TV for 8MB and above broadband packages.

Dont forget to visit the page again to find out more updates regarding Price increase of PTCL broadband Packages June 2019.

*These are estimated price and we will update the table once we received accurate information regarding price of each package and any change in addons associated with the package.

Why use seeder as online torrent downloader?

As we already share how one can use seedr to convert torrent into a direct downloadable file.If you missed it click here to read it. Now we want to share our review about Seedr:

Why do we like Seedr?

We like seedr because of its unique features, you can get the following benefits as a free user.

  1. 2GB of space to download torrents, you can store files till 2GB storage reaches.
  2. Unlimited torrents download. One can download as many torrents as he wants under the size of 2GB, What it means is: If you want to download a movie, just add it to seedr , download it, than delete it to free space and add next one to seedr, in this way you can download unlimited torrents, Seedr does not have bandwidth restriction like its competitors which is a very good point in favour of it.
  3. High downloading speed. We can get the maximum downloading speed of 3MB/Sec from our ISP and we were able to get the same speed while downloading seedr files. So Seedr does not put downloading speed restrictions which is pretty awesome.
  4. Wish List. If you were trying to add a torrent and your storage is full, Seedr will keep your file into wish box after clearing the storage you can directly click on download button under the wish list files by selecting the desired file.
  5. Free Space. You can get/win free space by:
    1. Inviting Friends and get 500MB (Up to 4 Friends)
    2. Write a twitter review and get 500MB.
    3. Write a Website Post and Earn up to 1000MB.
    4. Pin Seedr on Pinterest and get 500MB.
    5. Post a video review and you will 1GB of extra space.

As you can extend your storage up to 7GB this way so in our opinion Seedr is the best option available right now to download torrents without using a torrent client and by using your favourite download manager.
Click here to Create an account on Seedr and enjoy the unlimited speed and direct torrent download facility, You can use seedr on any device and on any platform, However, if you are using Mozilla Firefox or Chrome below are the links to download seedr extensions and add torrents directly from torrent sites to your seedr account.

Quick and Easy Way to convert torrents to direct links



We all uses torrents in our daily life for multiple reasons; either we want to download a movie, software or big files, torrent is our life saver for all these.
However, what if we can use torrents in the same way we can use direct links? What is good in direct links? The speed which we get while downloading a file using direct links.

You can also use mobile , this method works very well on any device.

How it works?

You will know shortly about the method but what actually happened is that torrents first downloaded to server of website (which we use) after that website will give you a unique link to download files from there server, So it means we must have an online server to convert torrent into direct link, Luckily we have many websites offering the same service but we will use Seedr , as a best available option. CLick here to write a full review about Seedr.

How to convert torrents to direct links using Seedr?

Well you have to follow the steps mentioned below, in start it will look like too many steps however once you get used to it, you will be thanking us for this efficient way of downloading things.

    1. Visit and create an account. You can use Facebook also to login.
    2. After registration, Kindly sign in to seedr, you will be seen your dashboard which will be like below given image.
Seedr Dashboard
Seedr Dashboard
    1. Now you have to download magnet link of torrent you wish to download. Magnet link will be like this:
    2. In the dashboard you have text box saying paste link here, just paste your magnet link there, alternatively you can upload torrent files or torrent links also. Click on + sign after pasting link.
    3. Seedr will fetch the file for you. If the torrent has good seeders or torrent was already fetched by seeder, this step would not take longer, however if your torrent has seeders with low speed it will take time for Seedr to download torrent. See below mentioned figure:
Seedr Downloading 1
Seedr Downloading 1
  1. After completion of download, seedr will move file to your dashboard. It will look like below given image:
    Seedr Downloading End
    Seedr Downloading End

    Steps to Download:
    a: Right click on folder name and you will get list of all files present in torrent
    b: Select your desired file and right click on it
    c: You will get list of options, click on Download link and your download will start rite away. You can use Chrome, Firefox, Internet Download Manager or any other browser or download manager to download your desired file.
    If you wish to download the whole folder just go back, select folder, right click on folder name and select Download.

Is Seedr Extension available for Browser:

Seedr has plugins for famous browsers, For Chrome and Firefox links are given below, after adding plugin to browser you have to login to Seedr, Seedr extension will show you as logged in just like below image:

After that When you want to add torrent to your seedr account you have to just right click on the link and have to select Add to Seedr, Seedr will take care of things now and you will get your files ready at your dashboard if all goes well.

Add to Seedr Option
Add to Seedr Option



We hope that we made it easy for you to turn torrent into direct downloadable files. We will try to add easy and informative tutorials for you, don’t forget to subscribe us by liking our Facebook page, you can allow notifications in your browser to get alerts. Also share this tutorial with your friends and family if you want them to be smart while downloading stuff using torrent.





B Connect a new Internet Service provider in Wah Cantt


As Wah Cantt resident are suffering from low speed internet and speed of PTCL in most of areas sucks, so users are always searching for a better alternative, unfortunately he resident of wah cantt can not get a real ISP like Nayatel, Fiberstorm etc as they are giving their users a super fast speed on very low/reasonable rates.

In Wah Cantt however we got some good alternatives in short span of time, Good is a word we can use for any ISP replacing PTCL, however good does not mean an ISP like Nayatel or Fiberstorm. In our previous post we reviewed Motive Net, a small ISP replacing PTCL connections at a good pace, however their monopoly in providing a good service was just challenged by a new service provider B-Connect.

Two Days ago we hear about a new service provider in Wah cantt, B-Connect , Main Office is located near New City Wah Cantt. In a quest of getting good services and for a good backup plan i tried to get information from their customer service department, Currently they are providing more than  what a good ISP can offer in its inception.

They have 2MB , 4MB, 6MB and more packages for home users, They have corporate packages also at higher prices. From customer service support and their website i was able to get rates of their packages.

Home users packages:

2 MB & 1990 Rs

4MB @ 2599 Rs

for corporate

1 MB @ 5000 Rs.

What is downloading speed of B-Connect?

As far as downloading speed is concerned , most of the people wants a good speed. Now i have some confusion here, I called them twice, and on Saturday i got following information:

Downloading speed of 2 MB package will be around 250 KB, Downloading speed of 4MB package was not provided however on inquire and upon my question that will it be double of 2MB package? answer was ” Due to technical nature its not true that it will be doubled however it will be good as compared to 2MB”.

Further they added that they have a very strong backbone based on Optical Fiber. And they will provide what they will commit due to their infrastructure and high grade equipments. Also they offer me that i can start using their services with initial fee of Rs 4000, which includes there first month 2 Mb package charges.

As i was not able to get enough information on Saturday so i called them on Monday (05-11-2018) to get more info. Following information was obtained on this call from B-Connect representative:-

  1. They are not giving every one a connection, They choose their customers however criteria was not mentioned/explained.
  2. Downloading speed will be given as per international Bandwidth standards, what is that? let us explain this.Connection speed is always represented in bit (small b) while download speed is represented in Bytes (Capital B). If we want a relationship in these two check below mentioned calculation:1 Megabyte (MB) = 8 Megabit (Mb)
    1 Megabyte (MB) = 1024 Kilobyte (KB)
    8 Megabit (Mb) = 1024 Kilobyte (KB)Therefore, 1 Megabit (Mb) = [1024/8 =] 128 Kilobyte (KB)

    So, in a 1 Mbps connection, the maximum speed of downloading would be 128 KBps. Now we can use same formula to calculate the downloading speed of 2Mb connection which would be [2048/8] = 256KB/second. So it means a user will get 256 KB/sec speed as per international rule.

  3. However on downloading speed of 4Mb connection , customer service did not mention speed and focused on the word as per international bandwidth standards. So as per above calculation it should be doubled, however we are not able to write more on this as we don’t have enough info, and we were not given proper info from the company. We can request b-connect customers to share with us the downloading speed they are getting to sort this point.

And Yes, B-Connect wah Cantt has a website which is , As per initial review package prices are not updated and their page is showing Rs. 2299/Month Rs for 2Mb package and Rs. 3299/Month  for 4Mb package however request page shows the above mentioned rates which we are able to obtain on phone call. Also the website is still not complete as Contact Form on the home page is not working and also Phone number on the top of page was wrong. However on the bottom of page we were able to find a working phone number +92 514 904 132. You can call them to get an idea about coverage area or rates.

As on the second call i was told that i should be a chosen one to use their services :-), And they will get back to me once they have the capacity to entertain more users in my area, (as they were saying that thy have some customers in my area).  I will update this article about my practical experience once i got a connection from them.

Our Opinion:-

The main disadvantage of living in small city is that you have to pay high to get a good internet connection , As we are only 35 KM away from Islamabad where Nayatel is giving 15Mb internet in just 2400 Rs, we are forced to get 4Mb connection in the same price. However reason of why we have to chose expensive internet is PTCL. PTCL is providing worst services to consumers in Wah Cantt. Every service in replace of PTCL get customer’s attention by only word of mouth, As most of the time they get enough customers, without having a dedicated Customer service department, Without giving 24/7 telephonic support they can still generate a handsome revenue, So with time or due to positive/overwhelming response from customer no one tried to compete Nayatel or Fiber-storm type companies. As long as these good ISPs are not coming to Wah Cantt and competition is only PTCL, we have to pay high for low speed internet.

But at-least now we have the option to choose relatively good internet connection to be used in our homes.

We encourage B-Connect users to give us their opinion by using the below mentioned comment form.

Note:- This article is written for awareness/informational purpose only. Mobilepoint is not associated with above mentioned entity in any manner.

LG V40 ThinQ : What to Expect. Rumors, Renders & Launch Date

LG V series has always been centered around media consumption. Starting with last year’s LG V30 LG has started to revamp its smartphone division. The main goal of this revamp is to create some noticeable difference between their G and V series. So with LG V40 ThinQ which is a hand full of a name we get a couple of more distinctions from LG G7 ThinQ that launched early this year. We will talk about all this below.

LG V40 ThinQ Launch Date

At thr mid of September 2018 LG sent out press invites which shows that LG is holding an event on October 3rd. In the press invite we see a couple of things that confirm that it is the LG V40 ThinQ we are getting out of this event. The invite tells us about the most anticipated of this smartphone which is a total of 5 camera lenses. So October 3rd is the date when we get this beast.

LG V40 Launch Date and Press Invite

LG V40 ThinQ Display

LG V40 ThinQ will come with a large 6.4 inches p-OLED display thanks to smaller bezels instead of an LCD and more chunkier bezels as we have on LG G7 ThinQ. LG V40 ThinQ will have Quad HD resolution and it will most probably support the bump up to 1000 nits brightness as we have on LG G7 whenever you are outside in sunlight which is quite amazing. Yes LG V40 ThinQ will have a notch but it might have 3D mapping technology for face recognition along with dual cameras.

LG V40 ThinQ Display

LG V40 ThinQ Cameras

This is the most highlighted and the most boasted feature of LG V40 ThinQ. This is almost confirmed by now not only by renders but also by LG itself that LG V40 ThinQ will come with a total of 5 camera lenses. Three of them will be on the back while two will be on front. The triple camera on the back will have one 20MP RGB sensor with super large and fast aperture of f/1.5. Aperture this large will help the smartphone in extreme low light conditions. The second sensor will be LG’s signature 16MP wide angle lens which will also be improved. The third and the new sensor will most probably be a 13MP Telephoto lens for optical zoom not a monochrome as we have on Huawei P20 Pro.

LG V40 ThinQ Cameras

AT the front we are getting a Dual camera combination which is most probably for that 3D face recognition technology as well as better Front camera performance as LG is not very well known for their selfie cameras. Let’s hope this turns out better for LG this time. Here is teaser from LG about the cameras.

LG V40 ThinQ Internals

LG V40 ThinQ internals are no secret, we already know all about it. As all other 2018 flagships LG V40 ThinQ will have Snapdragon 845 along with 6GB RAM and will most probably have 8GB RAM in high end model. LG V40 ThinQ will have latest Adreno 630 for best GPU performance there is in the market right now. LG V40 ThinQ will also have stereo speakers that will support LG’s boombox technology they introduced with LG G7. LG V40 ThinQ will retain the headphone jack thankfully that will have LG’s Quad Dac technology to enhance your headphone experience.

LG V40 ThinQ Renders

LG V40 ThinQ seems to be an all around smartphone on paper but at the end of the day something goes wrong which might be the pricing. Let’s hope LG figure what they have been doing wrong.

Stay tuned for future updates. This is Also don’t forget to check out for specifications and prices of latest smartphones.

Whatsapp is preparing for Dark Mode & I can’t Wait


In recent past with researches showing that prolonged exposure to smartphone light not only puts strain on your eyes but it also affects your brain. After these finding by the researches dark modes on different applications are gaining popularity day by day. This not only reduces the effect on your eyes but also on the plus side saves a lot of smartphone battery.


Applications like Twitter and YouTube launched dark modes and can’t thank them enough for that. It just sits right into my taste. I have been on the look for everything dark. On the hunt I also came across a Browser and I have been using since that day. If you are a heavy user and use your smartphone a lot during the night time like me than you surely also like these dark modes.

YouTube Dark Mode
Twitter Dark Mode










Now there are reports that Whatsapp is gearing up for Dark mode and I am getting impatient. You can already change the wallpaper if you want but that only darkens the chat window, the home window still remains stingily bright and you can’t do anything about that. Whatsapp CEO recently tweeted and showed his concept of a dark mode. In the Option where we turn on night mode we can also see a Blue Night mode which will more likely resemble the one we have on Twitter. So I guess you in the end you can get what you wish for but you have to wait for it.

Whatsapp Dark Mode Concept
Whatsapp Dark Mode Concept










Now I think we should start a campaign asking Facebook to launch their dark mode real soon. Other wise I am gonna have to hold off my Facebook consumption. Anyways Stay tuned for future updates. This is

Also don’t forget to visit to find about latest smartphones, specifications and their prices.

Huawei Mate 20 & Mate 20 Pro : All We Know So Far

As we are closing in on the end of 2K18 we have some important and big announcements in smartphone to look forward to. Huawei Mate 20 series happens to be the most significant of them all. After what Huawei has been able to pull off with Huawei P20 Pro not only in camera department but also hardware wise whole of the tech community has their attention glued to this launch.  Huawei recently not only revealed the launch date at IFA but also told us about the venue. Huawei Mate 20 series will finally be launched on October 16th in London.

Huawei Mate 20 Official Invite

Huawei Mate 20 Series Design

Mate 20 Design

Huawei is one of the few companies that has most gracefully transferred from a conventional metal build to Glass finish. With P20 Pro they took it to another level with that gradient finish that won them a lot of praise. But at IFA they launched P20 series in leather finishes that were equally stunning. So this time in Huawei Mate 20 series we will undoubtedly see a glass finish at the back that curve at the edges giving the smartphone an ergonomic feel. The design of camera module at the back has been given revamp. Now we have a triple camera along with a flash in the form of a square which is at least not a copy this time.

        Huawei Mate 20 Series Display

As far as the Display of Huawei Mate 20 series is concerned we will have two variations. First all we will have Huawei Mate 20 which will have a 6.3 inches LCD display with Full HD+ resolution. Huawei Mate 20 will have a tear drop notch with a little chin at bottom.

Huawei Mate 20 Pro will come with a whooping 6.9 inches dual curved edge OLED display with Quad HD+ resolution. The notch on Huawei Mate 20 Pro which is noticeably larger than in Huawei Mate 20. This notch however will house Huawei’s face scanning technology.

Huawei Mate 20 Series Display Variations

Huawei Mate 20 Series Camera

Huawei Mate 20 series will boast same triple camera system as we have seen Huawei P20 series. It will have a Primary 40MP camera along with 20MP B/W and an 8MP telephoto. It will have same 5X Hybrid Zoom. If we see on the official invite Huawei is boasting its AI technology. SO we can expect an even better performance on software front also. Camera department is obviously not the one we should be worried about. Here is a video where Huawei is teasing Mate 20’s Square Camera.

Huawei Mate 20 series Internals

Huawei recntly launched their all new Kirin 980 processor at IFA 2018. Huawei boasted it being World’s first ever chipset built on 7nm Architecture. But now its not the case. Apple recently launched Iphones with Apple A12 chipset that is also built on same Architecture. Anyways with this processor Huawei is has promised an overall boost of 37% and also considerable efficiency improvements in GPU. Only time will tell how powerful it really is. Huawei Mate 20 series will most probably have 6GB RAM in the base model while top tier model will have 8GB RAM.

Huawei’s Kirin 980

Huawei Mate 20 Series Battery

Huawei P20 series are smartphone with largest battery capacities as well as great battery life and huawei wants to keep it that way. We can expect Huawei Mate 20 to come with same 4000mAH capacity while Mate 20 Pro will most probably have 4200mAH battery or more.

That’s all for now. Stay tuned for future updates. This is

Also visit for specifications and prices of smartphones.


Why use seeder as online torrent downloader?

As we already share how one can use seedr to convert torrent into a direct downloadable file.If you missed it click here to read...