Wednesday, January 11, 2023
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Android Apps : Our Picks

This is the first edition to a very long series of android apps that will come every week. In this series of android apps we will help you find the apps that will help you in every aspect of...

Display Embedded Fingerprint Sensor : Vivo @CES 2018

Let's talk about technology we have been waiting for so long. As you have noticed from the title that it is about the Built in Display Fingerprint Sensor. We thought that the Samsung would be the first company to...

Bluetooth 5.0 : Detailed Review

Yup we are here talking about our very own Bluetooth.Its been decades since we have been using Bluetooth.It even got its way to cheap feature phone giving them a little bit of functionality which most of them lack.In 2017...

Project Linda: Razer @ CES 2018

Probably one of the best concepts presented by a company at CES 2018 was Razer's Project Linda.First of all if you don't know about Razer so for your information it is a company that is known for its powerful...

Datally : An Application By Google

Google launched its new app Datally which aims to allow users to control their mobile data.It is an intelligent android application that allows users to control which application uses data and which does not.Now a days everyone uses Internet...
Twitter Lite Launched

Twitter Launches Twitter Lite edition for 24 more countries

As Twitter launches its twitter lite version in April 2017, and during its test runs twitter seen that more users were attracted to twitter during and 50% of tweets were coming from twitter lite version. So taking this as...
One Plus 5T

OnePlus 5T is finally announced

After a short interval of time one plus launches its another super phone "OnePlus 5T". This was expected from the company to launch its 5T mobile, as company use same strategy back in 2016 when it launches One Plus...


Huawei Mate 20 & Mate 20 Pro : All We Know...

As we are closing in on the end of 2K18 we have some important and big announcements in smartphone to look forward to. Huawei...